SPCs Unleashed

Personal growth and impact

We offer this livestream to SPC's, RTE's and other SAFe Change Leaders, who want to extend their Lean-Agile repertoire and increase their impact by understanding the SAFe competencies and when, why and how to deepen skills in that area.

The show is anchored in the 7 core SAFe competencies, each of which has 3 dimensions. Each week we'll cover one dimension, with an occasional detour to something we have shared passion for as an important area of growth.

We won't be focusing on foundational knowledge. The show is about 'where to go next', 'when/why to go there' and 'what to look out for' once you have the foundations. It won't be 'one point of view', we come from different contexts with different passions and you'll have more to choose from.