"I'm so glad we wrote
PI Objectives!"

Are you hearing this from your teams? 

You should be!

Coaching Effective PI Objectives Toolkit

What is it?

An intervention toolkit you can use to help your teams create more useful PI Objectives that generate alignment, nurture healthier stakeholder relationships, and simplify simplify PI Commitments.

Completing the three mini-workshops in the intervention will ground your team in healthy PI Objective use and then guide team through a full retrospective cycle on their own use of the practice.

Who's it for?

The toolkit is designed for ScrumMasters, RTEs, and other "coachy types" working in a SAFe environment.

It includes additional guidance for those coaching from beyond the team.

What's in it?

The toolkit contains everything necessary to facilitate the three mini-workshops for the intervention.

You'll receive videos and handouts for your teams, a "Why PI objectives?" handout for ART stakeholders, a printable facilitator guide, and 9 eLearning modules to prepare you to lead your teams through the workshop.

You'll also receive all future updates and any additional content added to the toolkits.

Do we need it?

If you're still reading this, then you probably have a feeling you do.

There are a lot of ways that well-used PI Objectives can build healthy, resiliant development organizations. At the same time, poor use can harm culture, create stress, and harm outcomes.


There are a number of visible effectives of poor, less-than-useful crafting of PI Objectives. Some of the most common include:

  • The Business Owner can't remember them
  • Teams never look at them after PI Planning
  • Scoring BV and ABV causes fear and defensiveness
  • They look just like your feature list
  • They're written as an afterthought during planning
  • Nobody can say how they saved you time, money, stress, and embarassment

Underlying issues

The most frequent root cause is that teams have a misconception of the entire purpose of PI objectives. They should be seen as a tool for generating communication, connection, alignment, and clarity.

Instead, teams frequently see them as nothing more than a mechanical requirement of the process, and too often the PI Objectives are then used as an accountability weapon that creates stress, distance, and defensiveness.

Team Helper



  • Team Overview Videos
  • Team handouts for PI Planning
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$149 USD


  • Team Overview Videos
  • Team handouts for PI Planning
  • "Why PI Objectives" for ART stakeholders
  • Printable facilitators guide
  • 9 eLearning enablement videos (90+ minutes of content)
  • Unlimited future updates!


$499 USD


  • Everything in the Basic package
  • 60 minutes of 1:1 support as you prepare to facilitate

Too many teams? Need more help?

You can personally use the toolkit with as many teams as you want. If you need help facilitating additional teams, I ask that each facilitator purchases their own license to the toolkit.

Discount toolkit licenses for multiple facilitators are available in the ART Pack (6 people), LACE Pack (10 people + extra enablement), and Enterprise License package (unlimited in same email domain).

ART Pack

$999 USD


Enable as a team of ScrumMasters alongside your RTE! 

  • 6 Basic Licenses
  • 2 hours of live support for your SM/RTE team


$1999 USD


Prepare your LACE coaching team to use the intervention across the company! 

  • 10 Basic Licenses
  • 4 hours of live support for the LACE as a team
  • Bonus! 1-hour deployment strategy guidance conversation

Enterprise License

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Prepare your LACE coaching team to use the intervention across the company! 

  • Unlimited Licenses for a single email domain
  • Multi-day coach-the-coach enablement support
  • Deployment strategy guidance