Coffee Club E2: The joy of feed-driven iteration and the challenge of bringing it to life (#2)

Feb 06, 2024

"If you can get somebody to be brain melty and gooey and actually happy about it, man, go you!"

Rebecca Davis


Our second coffee club took a very wandering path. After Rebecca kicked us off talking about the RTE Summit, Eric's highlight of the week was the Princeton Panel discussion he participated in on the Future of Agility. Mark followed up with a geek-out about the joy he was having iterating his Product Owner mastery course.

This led us into a deep discussion on iteration. We started by chatting about the significant iteration to the format of the SPC's Unleashed show but quickly got deep into why teams find it so challenging to truly iterate. If we want to build the concept of 'learning your way towards the outcome through iteration,' what are the cultural and interpersonal elements that inhibit it?

This led to a fun (and deeply personal) chat about building team feedback protocols, developing techniques for healthy feedback, and the joy of finding your 'Square Squad.' Eric then brought us through a journey into the joy of distilling complex concepts into very targeted, digestible information that inspires action.


Eric Willeke

Rebecca Davis 

Mark Richards

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