Coffee Club E5: The challenge of being facilitated and the joy of creating connected talks

Mar 21, 2024

"First you sit in the moment, then you dance in the moment, if a little bit later."

Eric Willeke


Rebecca's in Disneyworld this week, so Eric and Mark are unsupervised again! We've both just finished our second draft of our talks for the Berlin SAFe Summit, so naturally, we start by sharing a little of that process. Talking about managing the timebox somehow leads to dancing in the moment, tap dancing, and journeying through the agenda mosh pit while facilitating.

With that, we're off – since we’re both passionate facilitators heavily influenced by Jean Tabaka! We chat a bit about the challenge of being a participant while poor facilitation happens. Then Eric takes us on a more positive spin as we share some moments where we've seen incredibly powerful facilitation from others.

We can't escape our Summit talk preparation, though. It's been an interesting process. Firstly, we co-created the first six episodes of our Lean Portfolio Management podcast between draft one and draft two, and it involved deep dives into some of the topics we're covering. Secondly, we've turned a happy accident into a deliberate approach by recognizing the obvious connections between our talks and those of Rebecca Davis and Harry Koehnemann. We riff on this for a bit before we head down the path of how AI and visual skills have changed our approach and some techniques we've figured out for telling real stories without breaking confidentiality.


Eric Willeke

Mark Richards

Book References:

Resonate - Duarte