SPCs Unleashed E10: Fuel the enterprise's ability to dynamically transform itself by becoming a Learning Organization

Mar 01, 2024

"At the heart of a learning organization is a shift of mind - from seeing ourselves as separate from the world to connected to the world, from seeing problems as caused by someone or something 'out there' to seeing how our actions create the problems we experience"

Peter Senge


As an SPC or agile change agent, how do you bring the Learning Organization dimension of SAFe's Continuous Learning Culture to life in your organization? In this episode, Ali, Niko, and Mark continue in their quest to provide insight and inspiration by sharing their personal journeys and war stories from the field.

Ali hosts as Mark describes the tension between the slow but sustainable growth      from coaching time-poor executives on the journey and the rapid acceleration when you focus at the team level. Niko reminds us that the coach's job is to make themselves redundant as he describes an organization that achieved "learning on auto-pilot." After Mark explains his love affair with the Improvement Kata for developing reflective conversation skills, Ali shares his experience with the value of templates and tools to help people start on the journey.

Regarding Measure and Grow metrics, we are fully divided on our favorites. Ali's favorite is an "organization [that] continuously creates, acquires, shares, and transfers knowledge." Niko wants "organizations [that] encourage employees to challenge the status quo," and Mark wants "Teams [that] work collectively to achieve common objectives by sharing knowledge, solving problems, and learning together."

Ali Hajou  (Moderator)
Niko Kaintantzis
Mark Richards

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