SPCs Unleashed E11: Create an environment that supports creative thinking and curiosity if you want an Innovation Culture

Mar 08, 2024

"Experiment like a scientist, not a mad scientist"

Mark Richards


Have you ever asked yourself, "If Innovation was an animal, which one would it be?" That's how Niko started this episode's journey into the Innovation Culture dimension of SAFe's Continuous Learning Culture competency. It set the scene for an eventful discussion as Mark, Ali, and Stephan shared insights on lessons they'd learned and successes they'd seen.

The conversation led from slices of cake inspiring innovation in semiconductor design through Hackathons and "Awesome Challenges" to ensuring there was time for Innovation in the IP iteration. We explored the challenges and possibilities of Pivoting without mercy and ignoring sunk costs before Niko and Stephan took us back into the world of slicing elephants of various flavors.

No two of us agreed on a most critical Measure and Grow metric. Ali opted for "Leaders creating an environment that supports creative thinking, curiosity and challenging the status quo." Stephan asked for an organization that "cultivates the courage and aptitude for innovation and encourages risk-taking." At the same time, Niko wanted to "promote learning and exploration through experimentation without fear of failure." Mark is obsessed with "pivoting without blame or consideration of sunk cost."

Stephan Neck
Ali Hajou  
Niko Kaintantzis (Moderator)
Mark Richards

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