SPCs Unleashed E8: Create more and better products for less money with happier customers through Relentless Improvement

Feb 16, 2024

"Scream and shout that you've done good things"

Ali Hajou


As an SPC or other agile change agent, how do you help your organization turn Relentless Improvement from something you talk about to something you do? In this episode, Ali , Stephan, and Mark continue in their quest to provide insight and inspiration by sharing their personal journeys and war stories from the field.

Mark hosts, as Stephan and Ali share secrets they've discovered about bringing it to life. Ali recounts the story of a client who came up with a gamification approach to generate a beginning that snowballed. Team members went from being demotivated and departing to happy and sticking around.  Meanwhile, leadership went from reluctant to excited about allocating time for improvement activities as the results piled up. Stephan illustrates the importance of discipline and structure in improvement efforts by taking us on a personal journey he followed with his health and fitness.

In the battle to pick a favorite Measure and Grow metric, Stephan and Mark join forces to argue the importance of facts and data. At the same time, Ali sits firmly behind his belief that it's about "the organization giving improvement activities priority, visibility, and resources.

Stephan Neck
Ali Hajou
Mark Richards (Moderator)

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